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Features of a luxury rehab

When it comes to addiction treatment, choosing the right rehab for your needs is important if you want to live a sober and healthy life.

Many good rehabs cater to the needs of anyone struggling with substance or behavioral addiction. But for an exclusive set of people like executives and top leaders, they have to be selective when it comes to choosing a rehab.

For executives and other top-rated individuals in society who are struggling with addiction, getting help from a luxury rehab is more suitable than going to a normal rehab for addiction treatment help.

Luxury rehab is a facility that offers top-quality treatment and client experience when it comes to treating addiction.

Here are some of the features that come with a luxury rehab

Availability of enough staff

Luxury rehabs typically have more resources than regular rehabs. This is one of the reasons why they have enough staff to care for their clients, irrespective of their number.

Executives who come in for treatment at a luxury rehab can be sure of getting prompt and efficient care anytime they need it. The interesting part is, these staff are well-trained and are usually among the best breed in their industry.


When executives set out to receive addiction treatment, most of them may prefer to remain anonymous.

A luxury rehab provides these top-rated individuals with all the needed privacy that prevents people from knowing that they are struggling with addiction. Hence, their clients can recover without pressure from anyone.

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Several first-class amenities

One of the highlights of a luxury rehab is the quality of amenities they have. Executives have access to different facilities and amenities to make their recovery seamless and early. Some of these facilities may include spas, gym facilities, sports facilities, etc.

Depending on the specificity of their services, luxury rehabs can be quite pricey but they are structured to meet the needs of people who can afford them.

If you are an executive or you know someone struggling with addiction, going to a luxury rehab is one of the ways for them to break free.  

Why do Executives need a luxury rehab

Whenever we think of individuals in high places or those at the helm of affairs, we think that they have everything under control. Sometimes, we might feel that they are susceptible to some problems like addiction.

However, it would interest you to know that executives face varying degrees of challenges that severely affects their mental health. This is one of the reasons why some of them end up getting addicted in the long run.

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When an executive is addicted, people around might not be aware because they have all the resources to mask this situation. However, you might be able to tell from their mannerisms, mood swings, disposition to work, performance, etc.

If people around get to discover that an executive is addicted, it can affect their public image. Hence, to curtail this problem, this is why places like luxury rehab exist, which is quite different from regular rehab.

Luxury rehab is usually a top-notch addiction treatment center where top individuals in the society like CEOS, Executives, Public leaders, and other individuals in high-level positions come to receive addiction treatment help.

Here are a few reasons why executives need a luxury rehab


Because of their status in society, it is best for people not to know what the executive is struggling with except for a few people that can be trusted.

When you go to a luxury rehab, you will see high-caliber individuals there, who understand that their problem is a best-kept secret for people not to discover.

Top-quality treatment

The quality of treatment that top executives and individuals will get at a luxury rehab is different from what the regular one offers.

They will have access to the best breed of health professionals, facilities, etc. This is one of the primary reasons why luxury rehabs are more expensive than regular ones.

To live a healthy life

Due to the stress-filled life of executives, they are likely to make unhealthy decisions that will affect their physical, mental, and emotional health as time progresses.

However, going to a luxury rehab for treatment will help them integrate important health practices into their routine so that they can live long and healthy life.

The benefits of a luxury rehab

When treating addiction and other substance abuse, it is necessary the scenery and the environment are accommodating.

One of the many options considered is using a luxury rehab center. Luxury rehab centers are far better at keeping the privacy of patients. They also ensure patients get the best of comfort.

One of the many myths associated with luxury rehab centers is that they are expensive and only reserved for high-income earners.

Many patients have missed out on their desirable rehab centers because of this myth. Luxury rehab centers are, in fact, more affordable than conventional rehab centers. They are not reserved for athletes and celebrities but are open to everyone.

There are lots of benefits to using a luxury rehab center. The additional treatment options, the privacy, the lush food, the comfortable beds are just a few of the numerous advantages that come with using a luxury rehab center.

Luxury rehab centers offer a wide range of choices that allow users to choose what they are comfortable with.

Here is a list of benefits that come with luxury rehab for substance abuse and addiction treatment:  

  • There are more treatment options than conventional rehab centers. 

Treatments are tailored to the suitability of each patient. It gives a wide range of options on the type of treatment each patient requires.

At luxury rehab centers, they have professionals that are always updated on the latest research breakthrough in treating addiction. It ensures you get the best out of your treatment.

  • There is more staff compared to patients. It ensures you get optimum attention and professionalism. 
  • The quality of food is better than other conventional rehab centers. 
  • There are more amenities in a luxury rehab center. 
  • There are more comfortable beddings and accommodation.


ADHD, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a chronic condition including attention difficulty, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness. It often begins in childhood and can persist into adulthood. People with ADHD often lack focus, wander off task, talk excessively, fidget, and act impulsively.

  • INTERVENE EARLY: ADHD often begins in childhood, so it is expedient to watch your child closely for signs of this condition. If your child always looks like they are becoming overstimulated, frustrated, and no more in charge of their self-control, intervene. To calm them down, distract them away from the situation that is triggering these symptoms in them.
  • DIET: Food that contains additives or caffeine should not be given to children if possible, making them hyperactive. Therefore, it is crucial to keep an eye on what your child eats, keep a diary of their meal and discuss it with a dietician or specialist.
  • PLAN THE DAY: As an adult with ADHD, if you find it challenging to stay organized, you need to start making lists, setting reminders, and keeping diaries. It would help you stay on track through the day and also reduce your frustration rate.
  • SUPPORT GROUPS: Quite a several people are also going through this chronic condition, and connecting with them would go a long way. Support groups can be a good source of support, information, and advice.
  • EXERCISE REGULARLY: Exercising as consistently as possible helps to let off steam and your sleep quality. It does not have to be tedious or rigorous; exercises like walking, skipping, and playing sport would do the trick.
  • CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS: For a child with ADHD, it is necessary to give them clear and specific instructions, not brief instructions. It makes it more transparent what your child needs to do and creates opportunities for a ‘well-done’ when they get it right.

Living With HPPD

HPPD, also known as hallucinogen persisting perception disorder is “a disorder in which a person has flashbacks of visual hallucinations or distortions experienced during a previous hallucinogenic drug experience, sometimes with the same feelings experienced before.” In turn, this can cause great difficulty in the lives of those it affects by prolonging their discomfort. A drug that may have once been seen as euphoric by the addict has now flipped the table – making him/her both miserable and afraid. 

However, this disorder isn’t too common as “some experts estimate 4% of people who use hallucinogens develop HPPD.” But for those who do, they will find that it’s quite hard to “reverse the curse” – unless they have a less severe case of HPPD. Depending on the extent of the individual’s symptoms, he/she may find that reversing his/her disorder comes at a much faster and smoother rate – than if he/she has a more long term case. If long term, reversing the effects may happen at a much slower route. 

In addition, such flashbacks can make it hard for the individual to live life like he/she would normally- prior to the disorder. This can be embarrassing, and cause interruptions through the course of his/her day. Not only that, but he/she may begin to feel shame, and therefore try and hide his/her condition in attempts to avoid judgment, questioning, and so on. These are all environmental factors that he/she will have to take into consideration, and make adjustments according to such scenarios and situations – surrounded by family, friends, and others. For living with HPPD is one thing, but having to inform others is another milestone all its own. 

In conclusion, it is important that the addict receives help before it’s too late because in doing so he/she can avoid all of the consequences that come with hallucinogen abuse. There are several possible treatment options, and even though no one treatment is the same, a medical expert can help you find the right option for you. These services – and/or medications – can aid in his/her recovery, as he/she begins to free himself/herself of the addictive substance that tries to control him/her. In doing so, he/she can avoid the effects that come with Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder, and can instead live a healthy and happy life not only for himself/herself but for his/her family as well.

Luxury Rehab VS. Executive Rehab

Oftentimes, those who are faced with addiction find themselves placed right in the middle of a rock and a hard place; one being rehab choices, and the other being that of their recovery. In turn, no matter what form of substance abuse the addict might be struggling with-whether it be drugs or alcohol-this is a tough spot for him/her to find himself/herself situated in. For, not only are they having to focus their attention on healing, but they are also burdened and bothered by the search to find a rehab that is the best fit for them; one that makes them feel comfortable and at home in the midst of their recovery.

As a result, there are several different forms of rehab that the individual can choose from, two in particular being; luxury rehab and executive rehab. Luxury rehab centers are “residential addiction treatment centers that are typically located in beautiful settings similar to those of resorts.” Whereas executive rehab centers are “designed to cater to working professionals-such as CEOs and other high-end executives.” However that doesn’t mean that these two forms of rehab differ completely or that they don’t carry similar amenities and programs, in spite of their “patient pull”/demographics.

This can have a big impact on the individual’s choice depending on his/her field of work, social class, insurance coverage, preference, place/location, etc. For example, if someone’s occupation is law based he/she might find it difficult to take time off due to the heavy hours in which they work, but executive rehab centers allow these particular individuals-and many others with similar high-end jobs-to take the time they need in order to better work towards their recovery.

In terms of luxury rehab this allows allows a number of people the opportunity to obtain the comfort they are seeking while receiving the treatment they need in order to get back on the right track. This form of rehab can benefit the individual greatly by being effective and efficient in meeting their personal needs. Yet even so the biggest factors-that cause these two rehabs to differ-are things such as; features, price, programs, treatment techniques, programs, etc.

In conclusion, when one is in the midst of addiction, and seeking help, it’s up to them on which rehab is most comfortable to them-and/or which one fits best into that of their lifestyle. After they have found the one that works best for them they will experience recovery in a whole new way and be that much closer to regaining their life back, in its full entirety.  

The Different Levels of Rehab

types of rehabThere are many different types of rehabilitation programs to choose from, and it can be bewildering trying to figure out which one is right for you. The main distinctions between the different types of rehabs available are the economic level they fall in. Some rehabs are paid for through government funding and do not have much of an operating budget. Some rehabs are for the average income earner, and they closely resemble the average income earner’s quality of life in their accommodations and the lifestyle they offer. And some rehabs are classified as luxury rehabs, maintaining a high operating budget and allowing clients to live in comfort and style. As a general rule, it is typically best if you choose a rehab for yourself that resembles the level at which you generally live.

Government funded rehabs are a good option for low income earners, but they can be a discouraging experience. They are typically overcrowded and do not provide clients much with personal space. Private rooms are seldom to never found in a government funded rehab. Because of overcrowding and limited resources, clients typically do not receive the personalized care that they need in order to overcome their addiction. Government funded rehabs are certainly better than no treatment at all, but they tend to see the highest relapse rates of any type of rehab.

Rehabilitation centers for the average income earner are privately funded and have a moderate operating budget. These types of treatment centers have a good success rate as clients receive some much needed personal attention while they attend. Because the operating budget is higher than that of a government funded rehab center, they can afford to properly staff their rehab and have the necessary treatment material on hand at all times.

And lastly, luxury rehab centers are the most desirable types of treatment centers. They give clients an intensive, thorough, therapeutic and comfortable treatment experience that promises a high rate of success. The operating budget of a luxury rehab center not only allows the clients to have access to the finer things, but it also affords the best counselors, social workers and treatment material that money can buy.

The Luxury Rehab Experience

luxury rehabLuxury rehab is a life changing experience, and one that you will not regret. People enroll in luxury rehab programs because they struggle with addiction on a level that they cannot repair alone. They have reached out for help from people who specialize in addiction, and they have selected a treatment center of good repute that is known for caring individually for each client. The benefits of enrolling in a luxury rehab center treatment program are many.

Firstly, luxury rehab programs offer clients a secure environment that keeps them safe from their addiction. Rehab programs do a lot to help addicted people, but the most basic and fundamental service they offer is an environment totally free from addictive substances and activities. This is what addicted people need most urgently, and luxury rehab programs take this element of treatment very seriously.

Secondly, luxury rehab programs offer their clients psychological treatment that changes their mental health for the better. The psychological treatment one finds in luxury rehab is tailored to their specific needs and is of the best and most thorough quality. Individual and group counseling sessions help clients understand the underlying causes of their addiction problems. Sessions with facilitators that enable discussion of experiences with addiction help clients understand their own psychologies on a more meaningful level. Readings and workbook exercises reinforce the tenants of good mental health in clients. All of the material and resources are the most current and relevant that are available on the market.

And lastly, the luxury rehab experience gives its clients a quality of life that restores their inner peace. There are many rehabilitation programs available to choose from, but one of the major advantages of luxury rehab is the high quality of life that is preserved through treatment. The surroundings in luxury rehab are of the finer variety: comfortable new furniture, elegant furnishings and high quality electronics. The amenities within the treatment center are noteworthy: saunas, private gyms, hot tubs, game rooms and movie theaters. And the recreation that clients have access to is top of the line, including epic outdoor activities such as kayaking, skiing and mountain biking.

You Get what You Pay for With In-Patient Rehabilitation

luxury rehab quality matches costYou may have heard that the only difference between government funded rehabilitation and luxury rehabilitation is how pretty the surroundings are, and you may be wondering why you would pay more for the same service in a nicer package. The truth is, the quality of the treatment in a luxury rehab center is not the same as in a low cost rehab at all. Statistically, luxury treatment centers produce vastly more successful clients that maintain their sobriety where as government funded rehabs can rarely afford the resources needed for clients to maintain their sobriety.

A government funded rehabilitation center has limited means, so the quality of the treatment they provide is limited as well. Good quality treatment comes from access to the best resources, such as the latest addiction therapeutic methods, learning materials and ongoing training for the rehab staff. As good intentioned as a government funded rehab center may be, they do not receive the funding or payment for services needed to stay as current as a private luxury rehab facility. They can also not afford to staff their centers properly, so patient’s individual needs go overlooked and disable the success of their recovery.

In the same vein, luxury addiction rehabilitation centers maintain a peaceful setting for their clients with a higher staff to clientele ratio that gives them the individual attention they need, and the space and privacy to focus on their recovery without the overcrowding and distractions of a government funded facility. One-on-one counseling is an integral part of successful recovery, as it is the surest way of uncovering and eliminating the root cause of their addiction problems. Clients will find this environment much more therapeutic, and they will find the variety of healthy activities that a luxury rehab center can afford very therapeutic to engage in as well.

Consider your rehabilitation options carefully, consulting your budget and your personal needs. As is true with all human services, you will almost always get what you pay for, and programs that cut corners financially will also be cutting corners in recovery treatment, making it more difficult for you to succeed.

Time Commitments at a Luxury Rehabilitation Center

luxury rehab time commitmentThe average inpatient luxury rehabilitation center will require a commitment of 30 days or more, but this is not set in stone as many luxury rehab facilities will adjust their recovery program scheduling around the patient’s needs. Clients will receive special accomodation from the staff person managing their program that allows them the time and flexibility to meet their professional demands.

The average 30-day luxury addiction program is designed for addictions and behavior problems that are less severe in nature. If an individual is struggling with addiction to a substance but is not yet dependent on it, this time frame will probably suit them best. If clients are looking for an even shorter stay, they might consider a program that allows them multiple visits that are broken up into one or two week commitments at a time.

For those requiring a more in depth treatment program, the 60-day option is recommended. This program best suits an addict that is becoming dependent on a substance, but hasn’t had a long term relationship with it yet. The 60-day time period requires the patient to have less contact with friends and family, but gives them the protection needed from the things that influence their addictive behavior.

And lastly, the 90-day program is required for severe addictions that have either threatened or heavily altered the addict’s life. For high profile individuals who cannot separate their lifestyle from their addiction, the safety of an extended inpatient stay is needed for a complete recovery. Contact with the outside world will be more limited than in a shorter stay in order to let the addict focus solely on their sobriety.